About me

April 21, 2022

My name is Olga Mierzwa-Sulima and I am Head of Delivery at Appsilon. I love solving problems using data, beautiful visualizations, dogs and back-country skiing. At work I optimize for 3 things: (1) customer success, (2) thriving teams and individuals, and (3) happy Appsilon.

I hold a Master degree in Econometrics from the University of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. I have been working for boutique consulting companies helping global clients, like Unilever, NN or WHO. I’m huge enthusiast of the statistical programming language R, which is my primary tool at work. Since 2014 I co-organize Warsaw R Enthusiasts Meetup and co-founded Warsaw R-Ladies chapter. I’m an international speaker and R workshop tutor. I’m a Data Scientist turned Engineering Manager and now Head of Delivery.

Besides this blog you can find articles I write for Appsilon blog.

I live and work in Warsaw, Poland with my family.

I care deeply about the environment.


July 2020 RStudio Webinar

July 2020 useR! 2020

September 2019 Why R? Warsaw Poland (Invited speaker)

June 2018 Stockholm R useR group (SRUG) Meetup Sweden

May 2018 European R Users Meeting eRum Budapest Hungary (Invited speaker)

May 2018 R-Ladies Budapest Meetup

April 2018 DataSphere Cracow Poland

September 2017 Why R? Warsaw Poland

July 2017 The useR!2017 Conference Brussels

March 2015 8th Warsaw R Enthusiasts Meetup Poland


October 2017 R-Ladies Workshop + Code Carrots Warsaw Poland

May 2017 R-Ladies Workshop Warsaw Poland

March 2017 R-Ladies Workshop Warsaw Poland

October 2016 R-Ladies Workshop Warsaw Poland